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Everyone reading – or writing – this is in the midst of making some sort of personal

change. More likely, when you think about it for a minute, probably making changes.

Everyone reading this is also immersed in a world of constant change. Like it or not,

know it or not, want it or not, agree with or approve it or not. True? Well then, do you

have the chameleon’s tail or does the chameleon have yours? Do you have one, for that

matter? A tail, that is.


Regardless, do you also have an overall strategy that you use for making intentional

changes? Is change part of your repertoire of life competencies?

Life competencies. You know, like shopping in a grocery store, managing your daily

schedule, building and maintaining relationships, managing social media, making

decisions, problem solving, physical self-care, etc. Extra points for still having a check

book you balance every month and flossing.

Since awareness breeds choice, and answering questions expands awareness, let’s

look at some questions that may take you to a higher level of awareness, thereby

expanding your choices:

1. However you define “success”, does it happen without making changes?

2. Does maintaining success happen without making changes?

3. How many changes are you in the midst of making right now?

4. Are you thinking wherever your life is at the moment that it will never be different

than it is now?

5. Would you predict that you will never make another change in your life? In the

next 5 years? In the next 1 year? In the next 1month? In the next 1 week?

6. Will the people in your life ever change?

7. Will your work always be the work you do now?

8. Are you planning on aging at all or are you going to remain the same age from

now on?

Last, the most important question of them all: Do you think that building your change

muscles, your capacity to initiate and sustain intentional change, is an essential skill for

leading your best life?


Conversely, what’s your best argument for avoiding becoming competent at intentional

change? C’mon, take your best shot. Imagine your future that grows from change

incompetence. Happiness abounds? Misery thrives? What’s your case for change

incompetence? There is an excellent case to be made, incidentally. Any guesses?

Habit Shift is all about building the essential life Habits of change competency. In our

view, Habits of change competency build happiness and reduce suffering. We are also

about making intentional change as easy as possible. E.P.I.C. The Easiest Possible

Intentional Change.


If this sounds like a good approach to you, there’s a book on it’s way that fills in the

details. For now, you can email

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