Habit Shift™


Workplace Mindfullnes: Being Calm…Being Productive

Workplace Mindfullness: The Power of Stillness ~ 1 hour Seminars

  • For leadership that attracts commitment
  • For relationships that build trust
  • For concentration & focus
  • For calm responsiveness v. panic reaction
  • For enhanced problem-solving & decision-making
  • For stress reduction & long-term stress management
  • For emotional intelligence & creative thinking

Solving problems & delivering results is what we’re paid to do. Regardless of the demands & constraints of budgets, resources, speed, clients, customers, & the minions of present but absent, all of whom seem to be concentrated in our department.

Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is an antidote, a building block for life balance; even in the midst of mind-numbing work challenges.

Can you remember working with someone who seemed to be above it all? In a good way. Someone seemingly immune to the fray? They listened, were relaxed, worked productively, produced results, people gravitated to them. They even smiled.

Want a piece of that action? Take a little mindfulness on board. Unbelievably, it does not add one nanosecond of time to your schedule. It’s been proven to work wonders at work…& everywhere else.

So spend time with us. You’ll get back change.

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