Habit Shift™


HabitShift™ 1 Day Workshop

Everyone Becomes a Star Performer
"Balanced lives finance the future of business"

“I sure wish I had 10 more like them!”

Have you heard this sentence coming out of your mouth?  How often in the last month?  This workshop gives all workers a pathway for acquiring the habits and patterns of the star performers in their organizations.

This is not “one size fits all” training.  There is tremendously helpful and revealing pre-work required – studying the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral habits of star performers in order to identify, for the balance of the work group, those habits that sustain production of top results. 

Volumes have been written about the behaviors of leaders, top sales producers, excellent team leads, mangers that motivate.  Volumes more are written every year.  One problem: little of what is written separates effective behaviors from the cognitive and emotional habits that are behind every behavior.  Star performance is not a random act. 

Star performers use the durable actions, thoughts, and feelings that produce results, over time, that align with company goals.  They are your lowest cost/highest revenue managers and employees.  They are probably leaders because they attract followers.  They pull everyone up with them despite the sometimes manic fluctuations in day-to-day business.

The actions, thoughts, and feelings are the traits that, when replicated throughout the enterprise, make star performers out of everyone. HabitShift™ is a detailed, practical, and immediately usable technology that shows participants how to change the habits they have that are not producing top results and acquire those habits that do.

Who Should Attend

Mangers and employees that would increase productivity and decrease costs through demonstration of similar habits of the star performers in their work group as defined by discussion between our consultant and the training sponsor.

What's On the Agenda

  1. Exploring criteria for success: What are the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral habits that produce long-term, top results in this department?
  2. Assess yourself against success criteria: Which is the habit that, for the least effort, would produce the greatest improvement in your contribution?
  3. Using that habit as a focal point, review the Habit Shift™ model of change: How can you use the 10 Tactics to produce the habit shift you want to see?
  4. With your schedule for both work and non-work activities in front of you, schedule the actions you want to take to make this new habit stick.

What You Will Get Out of It

  • You will see your productivity increase and you will feel an improved sense of teamwork as everyone works and supports each other in achieving habits that earn top results in the department.
  • You learn 9 opportunities for achieving greater work life balance and where in your life you need to apply this knowledge to make the impact you really desire.
  • You learn the 5 Steps taken by thousands of people who make their changes stick!   
  • You learn the 10 Tactics they use to move through the 5 Steps from a point of not even wanting to change to a point where the change is so deeply engrained in their lives that they think of it as normal day-to-day living.  Wouldn’t THAT be something?
  • You learn how perfectionism holds you back from successfully shifting.
  • You learn the 3 forms habits take ALL of which must be managed for habit shifts to succeed.
  • Learning the process of personal change on the habit you work with in class allows you to gain the knowledge and skill required to be successful on the next habit you target for a shift.
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