Habit Shift™


HabitShift™ for Helping Professionals

Thank you for checking out our program. The veteran counselors, coaches, teachers, facilitators, and consultants who have created this workshop value the opinion of the healthcare community and strive to deliver an experience, and results, that earn your respect.

For Your Clients/Patients

We use researched models, proven techniques and practices, and highly skilled facilitators to deliver a viable, reliable, and effective workshop. We use simulation, private contemplation and reflection, stress reduction and meditation, role play, dialogue, lecture, journaling, kinesthetic and just plain fun exercises to build an unforgettable, eminently practical, and immediately usable experience.

HabitShift™ reinforces efforts participants might currently be using for support. We counsel participants that we are not medical or psychological treatment providers, and if they are under the care of a healthcare professional, they should continue treatment and keep their providers informed of what they accomplish in our workshop.

Unlike so many programs offered in the self-help realm, we are not selling the quick fix. Our belief is that if there is a "magic wand" to be found, it lives within each participant. HabitShift™helps participants discover and nurture the internal resources that grow the self-efficacy needed to initiate and sustain changes.

Our participants leave with a clear understanding of the exhaustively researched and highly regarded Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change), so they have intellectual information about habit change as well as emotional anchors and grounded strategies that empower them to manage systemic patterns in their lives - to change their lives for the better.

We invite you to discover how HabitShift™ can be a useful adjunct for your clients.

For the Practitioner

Having roots in social work, addiction treatment, counseling, and coaching in corrections, community mental health, and addiction programs, we know full well the rewards and the stresses of helping others. HabitShift™ workshops can be just as useful to you as well as your clients.

Isn't a key challenge for all of us to manage our own balance so that we remain resourceful to those we help?  Look at our Bringing Mindfulness to Life program as well as our other HabitShift™ workshops. Many healthcare professionals have already found the workshops diversify and enhance their own sense of well-being as well as their professional skills.

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