Habit Shift™


HabitShift™ 1 Day Workshop

Work Life Balance for Hard Workers
"Balanced lives finance the future of business"

Who Should Attend

  • Have you been struggling for months or even years to find more balance in your life?

  • Are you finding that your enthusiasm for your work is down along with your productivity and creativity while stress increases?

  • Are you suffering from “job creep” as your work consumes increasing amounts of your home life?

    Is this OK?  If not…   

Why is this workshop a source of revenue and not a cost?

Committing random acts of wellness is not how work life balance is achieved.  Without a close examination of our habits and patterns – at the behavioral, cognitive, and emotional levels – we can’t begin to get a handle on how to truly find the nourishment we need to make the impact we want to make at home AND at work; without sacrificing one for the other.

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the hard core monetary business case for the wellness achieved through balanced living is overwhelming.  Double-digit increases are seen in revenue with matching numbers in decreased costs.  Add them together and the conclusion is obvious: wellness programs and work life balance initiatives are not a cost; they are a profit centre!

What's On the Agenda

  1. Expand your knowledge by learning the steps, tools, and techniques that all of us use – whether we know it or not – when we shift the habits and patterns of our lives into better balance.
  2. Expand your choices for responding to your personal life balance goals.
  3. Expand your resilience to setbacks by learning why and how people slip and what those who successfully recover do to get back on track.
  4. Expand your results from the money and time you spend in all other personal and professional growth programs by fitting everything you learn in those programs into the framework we teach you.

What You Will Get Out of It

  • You will feel more power over your capacity for productive work.  And if you really dig into the material, you will see increases in your happiness at work and at home as you become adept at managing your balance.
  • You learn 9 opportunities for achieving greater work life balance and where in your life you need to apply this knowledge to make the impact you really desire.
  • You learn the 5 Steps taken by thousands of people who make their changes stick!   
  • You learn the 10 Tactics they use to move through the 5 Steps from a point of not even wanting to change to a point where the change is so deeply engrained in their lives that they think of it as normal day-to-day living.  Wouldn’t THAT be something?
  • You learn how perfectionism holds you back from successfully shifting…and performing.
  • You learn the 3 forms habits take ALL of which must be managed in order for your efforts to balance your work and home lives succeed.
  • You walk out of the workshop, as so many have done before you, excited, motivated, informed, and with the unstoppable confidence that you have taken a giant leap toward finding the peace and productivity that comes with balanced living.
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