Habit Shift™


The HabitShift™ 2-Day Weekend Workshop

Who Should Attend

  • People who are struggling to shift a work habit or personal habit.
  • Companies that want a concrete process for helping employees improve work/life balance.
  • People who aren't ready for change just yet but want to explore options when they are ready.

What's On the Agenda

  • Expand your knowledge by learning a powerful combination of practices, insights, and tools rooted in the study of human development that all of us use - whether we know it or not - when we shift habits successfully.
  • Expand your choices for responding to your personal habit shift goals.
  • Build your resilience to setbacks by learning why and how people slip and what those who successfully recover do to get back on track.
  • Leverage the results from other programs you may now be using.

What You Will Get Out of It

  • You learn 9 opportunities for achieving greater work/life balance.
  • You learn the 5 Steps taken by thousands of people who make their changes stick!
  • You learn the 10 Tactics they use to move through the 5 Steps.
  • You learn how perfectionism is a deterrent to a successful shift.
  • You learn the 3 forms all habits take.
  • You leave excited, motivated, and informed with the unstoppable confidence toward reaching your goals.


"Attending the HabitShift™ workshop was certainly useful in looking at and dealing with habits that I have been unable to shift completely. Some of the tools and techniques that were used initially didn’t seem to have any impact; however, in sticking with the process I began to see new ways to approach my desired habits/patterns that really made a difference for me"

~ J. Stott, Success Coach

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