Habit Shift™


SportMedBC's InTraining Program

Lesson Plan Introduction

Welcome to the HabitShift™ Lesson Plan for the SportMedBC InTraining program for the Vancouver Sun Run.

You will find here the 11 lessons designed to be delivered by Coordinators and Leaders to program participants in the process of preparing for the Vancouver Sun Run.

With the exception of the first lesson, the remaining lessons can be delivered at any time during the 13-week training period and in any order. However, Lesson #1 should be done before the others.

Each lesson is organized in a user-friendly format. The information in each lesson can be read word for word or paraphrased. The format is the same in each lesson: a TALKING POINT, an EXAMPLE to clarify the talking point, and one or more QUESTIONS that will stimulate thinking and discussion.

You will also find an OPTIONAL TALKING POINT and QUESTION that can be used if there is time and interest to continue discussion or can be used on its own in place of the first talking point.

There is also a suggested point or question to TALK ABOUT DURING THE RUN AND/OR suggest for HOMEWORK.

Finally, in some lessons, there may be a suggestion for further READING on the general theme of the lesson from The Beginning Runner's Journal and the page numbers will be listed.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Go to www.sportmedbc.com/habitshift

Lesson Plans

All lessons plans are available for download in PDF format. Each file is between 90k and 110k. If you're unable to view the lesson plans after downloading, please download Adobe's FREE Reader and try again.


"I attended one of the Langley InTraining SunRun clinics. I appreciate your e-mails. The messages help me make sense of the habits that I have changed over the last year. One year ago I was 46 years old, 5'7" 244lb. Also on medication for treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was diagnosed with extreme sleep apnea. In the last 12 months I have turned my life around 180. I have lost 68lbs and so far I am off of all medications and have cured the sleep apnea. My cholesterol is actually flagged as below normal and I am fitter than I have been in my life. I have never been a runner and will be running in my first ever SunRun in April.

I agree with your message that you have to be totally turned off or disgusted by the habit or the outcomes of the habit to change it. Also you have to have a good solid plan to make it work. I have made it as simple as possible for it to work for myself. I basically follow the Canada Food Guide for my diet and I have just gradually increased my exercise along the way. There also has been a very high level of focus and commitment to the habit shift and have seen benefits of the change right from the start.

Again thanks for the Habit Shift™ e-mails. "

~ Don H


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