Habit Shift™


Custom Guided Meditation

Mind management is a fundamental skill to all change processes. How can we change if we can’t manage our thinking, aren’t tuned to our perceptions, observe the activity of our mind and make conscious choices based upon what we see?

Our struggle to shift habits is unique to us...just like everyone else. But to spend a few moments each day collecting our mind and body has payoffs for all.

There are many things to take into account when starting or tuning up a stillness practice and one of the most powerful is to listen to a meditation that guides you through internal experiences that are specifically aimed at your challenges and strengths. These are not merely affirmations - it’s not that simple.

This recording will use empirically and experientially proven practices that will help you calm yourself and make changes you’ve been wanting to see for perhaps a long time.

You can record your own or you can save yourself the trouble and get it done here. Once Larry has the required information, he will create a meditation just for you in MP3 or CD format that includes only the pieces you need to hear in the time you want to spend.

For further information, send an email to info@habitshift.com.