Habit Shift™


Bringing Mindfulness to Life Experiences

Bringing Mindfulness to Life: Calm on the Go ~ Weekend Retreats

  • For living a busy life…calmly
  • For stress reduction & long-term stress management
  • For true nourishment
  • For mood regulation
  • For immune system response
  • For decreasing judgmental reactions
  • For a foundation of all habit change
  • For connecting to meditation & prayer
  • For being resourceful for others

The surface of the ocean varies by the whims of humans & nature while the depths are quiet, still, & eternal.

Can you imagine living a full, active, rewarding, & generous life while resting on a bed of calm, peaceful intention? A durable practice of daily mindfulness opens us to the potential of that reality.

We are bombarded by hundreds of subtle & seductive inducements every single day that encourage mind-LESS-ness. Reactivity. UN-consciousness. Addictions. Serial gratification.

A weekend of gentle mindfulness with like-minded others acts as an anchor for establishing a practice of calm intention even as we maintain the speed of our daily lives. Living from true nourishment.


"Thank you so much for your presentation last Friday night! Everyone is excited now about making themselves ready to make the change for the better."

~ J. Villanueva

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