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Presentations and Keynotes

We have done literally hundreds of presentations on HabitShift™, the full model or any of a very broad array of smaller aspects of the model, to thousands of people in the US and across Canada. From lunch and learns to 4-day intensives, if your group could benefit from time spent working with HabitShift™, contact us…and you’ll get back change!

Look through the website to see if there is a particular slant your group would like to hear most, we will meet your requirements for content and time allowed. To get your questions answered write info@habitshift.com or call 778.628.9470.


"Larry is a powerful, entertaining, knowledgeable, & polished presenter.  He models well what we need to be as trainers."

~ R. Mitchell


Play to Your Strengths - 45 - 60 minutes

Everyone has strengths. Sometimes those strengths are easy to see in ourselves but often they are not obvious. It is usually even more difficult to see strengths in others. Especially in people we find difficult to be with.

Unfortunately, if we miss strengths in ourselves or in others, we are not able to use these qualities to their greatest potential.

As a result of this presentation, you will have a clearer understanding of your own strengths and the strengths of others. By seeing strengths more clearly, you can reduce conflict, reduce your own stress and the stress of others, complete performance appraisals, improve relationships with coworkers, and increase the feeling of teamwork. It changes your appreciation for people who, up to this point, may have just stressed you out.

Outcome of Session: participants will be prepared to become better leaders, reduce conflict by letting go of blame, build teams by increasing respect for alternative points of view, and lower stress.


Making Good Habits Stick - 45 - 60 minutes

There is a path that we all follow when we change habits successfully. We’ve done it but we don’t know the many things we did that made it work.

All of this presentation will sound familiar. The power comes from seeing how the patterns and tactics of tens of thousands of successful habit changers - including you - fit into a framework that you then can apply consciously and more effectively.

The power is not in the “tricks” or “secrets” of habit change; the power is being able to put it all together to plan your strategy. You will be comforted to know that what has frustrated you has frustrated thousands and that there is a pathway through all the challenges.

Outcome of Session: participant insights will empower them to take additional steps to alter their own personal and work habits as well as understand the habits of others.


Bringing Mindfulness to Work - 45 - 60 minutes

How many accidents at your organization are the result of people not paying attention? Do things get dropped, inventory not get ordered, meetings missed, incorrect dosage given?

There are so many pressures we have - some wonderful, some painful - that encourage us to be mindless. In the short term, we think mindlessness (read “multitasking”) actually pays off in efficiencies and speed. And perhaps it does in the short run.

But sooner or later, and we all know this to be true, we must pay the piper in errors, accidents, injuries, and absenteeism.

Being mindful at work is not about “Om” on a cushion. It is simply about paying attention to what is going on at the time it is actually going on. The rewards are huge - lower costs, fewer injuries, lower stress, higher productivity, happier clients.

Outcome of Session: participants will leave more relaxed having had direct experience using simple, quick relaxation techniques all of which are immediately applicable at work and home.

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