Habit Shift™


The HabitShift™ Model

The HabitShift™ model is based on literally decades of research and tens of thousands of people who have changed successfully. It is a rigorous synthesis of proven practices based upon the ideas found in The Transtheoretical Model, neurolinguistic programming, motivational interview, accelerated learning, and coaching.

The Transtheoretical Model (TTM), otherwise known as the “Stages of Change”. TTM says that most of us, at those times when we have changed successfully, followed roughly the same steps and used the same tactics as others who have successfully changed. In addition and more to the point, in spite of our lack of awareness of the pattern, we normally have used specific tactics during specific steps which is the essential ingredient that moved us to the next step and eventually made us successful maintaining the shift.

The tools from all these fields are synthesized to form a framework for action and when you align your efforts to it, you take full advantage of its power. This is the simplest description of all HabitShift™ workshops and experiences. But it is not complete.

HabitShift™ mixes critical ingredients that bring the techniques alive. Recent discoveries from the field of neuroscience, the art of coaching, and mindfulness techniques are blended into experiences that are applied to cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns. HabitShift™, as a result, produces remarkable changes that endure. It is by applying this unique combination of elements that enables you to master the change you want to make…for good!


"Your email made my day. You must be such a fabulous coach. I'm sure you know you spread a feeling of quiet, warm solidity and confidence just by your presence. I also really enjoyed reading your Q&A. Again and again, I found bits I thought my son would like to read. Thanks for coming out to The Sun once again - I wonder how many thousands benefited this time? "

~ J. Lee

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