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Learn The Roots of Lasting Change

There is available, buried underneath the mountain of dozens of diets, thousands of tips, and all the next hot ideas, a body of knowledge that honours your hard-fought battle to change, helps you understand how much strength you have gained from your prior successes and failures and gives you a deep understanding of how we all make successful changes. That last.

It’s not based on willpower or the latest technique but on decades of research, application, and practice focused on what we all do when we change successfully. When you have changed successfully.

It’s called the Transtheoretical Model. You can look it up.

If you have been working at a change for a while, you know some things that have helped. You might have a longer list of things that haven’t. It should come as no surprise then that the things that work will sound familiar to you. You’ve tried some things but haven’t found the right combination.

This course uses decades of research of tens of thousands of people who, like you, have learned a few things over the years of trying. Rolling it all up into this one package, directed by input from you and your specific challenges, is where the power rests. You can find the combination that finally suits your unique situation.

You learn the strategies and tactics systematically, we break down the walls you have not overcome, we work through homework, we practice and you begin to develop small habits, you do research about you and you become a true expert on your own personal change.

While your brain is fed, your mind and heart are nourished. You make choices; you take charge. You build the most important ingredient of all: the confidence that the change is within your ability. You change when you are ready. Lovingly, courageously, smartly, with less torment. For good.

First Steps
Complete & email two tools that you will find under Free Resources on the Habit Shift Homepage. They are:

  1. Quickly Assess Your Current Life Balance (link to pdf)
  2. Changing Any Habit: First Step (link to pdf)

Send an email to set up an appointment for a 30-minute initial telephone conversation, no fee, to review what you have recorded on the to assessments.

We have three questions to answer in this first interview:

  1. What expectations do you have for the experience?
  2. What expectations do I have of you as a client?
  3. Is this the right fit for both of us?

The Coach
Larry Birckhead, M.A. (Psychology), began his post-collegiate work life managing a prison cell block of 125 felons and 13 prison guards helping establish a “community living” concept in Michigan corrections. He moved into community mental health providing short term, crisis intervention counseling to families whose children were referred from the juvenile justice system, and capped his work in the field providing addictions treatment as a therapist in a Seattle-area methadone maintenance program.

While making his living as an organizational development consultant and trainer for the last 18 years, he began a more in depth study of the structure of successful human change and has synthesized techniques from several areas of practice into what he calls Habit Shift which he teaches to support personal & professional effectiveness, fitness, wellness, mindfulness, and meditation.

Just so you know, I am not an RCC (Registered Clinical Counselor) in B.C. and therefore these sessions are unlikely to be covered by 3rd party payer.

The Content
There is a very specific set of actions that will give you the groundwork you need for making the change you want. It is entirely unrealistic to promise, even after all the effort and struggle you have already put out, that I have the magic formula allowing you to convert to the state of being you so desire. The formula for your change is something you will build from what we talk through and that’s why, when you do finally put it together, you will shift. For good.

The Commitment

  • Minimum of 6 telephone sessions scheduled to suit your availability over a maximum 2-month time period.
  • $750 paid prior to first scheduled session.
  • The fee is held in escrow until the end of the 6 sesions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to:
Call: (604) 261-9792
Email: larry@habitshift.com